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Recruiting Partner

Quick, easy access to a team of recruiters dedicated to finding the best person for your specific job opportunity and brand culture. No more sorting through 100s of resumes.


Detailed Profiles

Detailed profiles for each candidate – resumes, prior experience, position-specific vetting, self-reported background and fingerprint eligibility – all before you interview.


Mantis Promise

 100% satisfaction guarantee on any Mantis Careers hires – if you aren’t happy within 60 days we’ll recruit replacement candidates for you until you are.


Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

As soon as you think you need to hire, reach out.  With one 20 minute phone call, we’ll understand what you need and get to work finding you top quality candidates. You’ll have interviews with screened and vetted candidates in a week or two instead of months. No need to keep putting off those important personnel changes.

Low Fees

Who can afford to waste money on expensive executive recruiting services that barely deliver? Compare us to any other recruiting agency and you’ll see our prices can’t be beat.  Not only do we offer the highest quality, most customized, guaranteed service, we do it for less every time.

Quality Candidates

Your job ad should be in front of people who are uniquely excellent at the work you need done and then filtered to the ones especially suited to your company.  We don’t waste your time by sending you a ton of resumes or interviews, our mission is to bring you the fewest you need to find your perfect match.

Local & Remote

When you need someone to lean on, we’re there.  We have a local office and a face-to-face connection with our clients and candidates, but we also have the tech and know-how to hire in remote areas and other states.  We aren’t limited by location and we can grow with you wherever you go.

24 Years of Experience

You don’t need warm bodies, you need people who stay and do great work. We aren’t just recruiters. We’re business owners and leaders with years of experience hiring & firing while watching the bottom line.  We know how to find the person you want on your team for your goals.

Custom Consulting

 Not sure what exactly needs to be done to get compliant with HR law or reduce your turnover or interpersonal conflicts at work? We can assess your operations and show you what’s right and what needs adjusted to get your team in top shape. Then, we can help you implement those adjustments. 


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