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We are the best at matching diverse candidates to the right roles for their strengths with brands building the future of hemp.

Job Hunting?

Stop wasting your time going to events in hopes of meeting the right person, applying to any and every job online with no replies, and selling yourself short just to get your foot in the door.

Talent Searching?

Avoid the time-consuming, expensive, mistake-laden, overwhelming, hope-you-don’t-mess-it-up job of recruiting and vetting thousands of applicants to find the very best for your specific hiring needs.

We Cultivate Growth From the Inside Out.

Mantis Careers was born out of a desire to see both companies and candidates stop the never-ending cycle of bad job fits that lead to stressful working conditions and inevitable, expensive, time-sucking turnover. Our unique, customized approach gets the right job ad in front of the right people and turns the interview and hiring process into the easy flow of great candidates it should always be.

What We Do


We take the time to get to know both candidates and the brands we work with so we can consistently get the right fit for both.  Using our customized approach to recruiting, we match not only skills and talents, but character and culture.  Our system makes it easy for stellar candidates to shine and simple for brands to hire the right person every time. From Sales Associate to In-House Counsel, we have the network and know-how to set up great working relationships.  Whether you’re a motivated candidate that’s looking to make a career in hemp or a brand trying to find that perfect someone to round out your team, we are the people you need.


The highs and lows of the agricultural and retail aspects of the hemp industry mean there are times when brands need to hire a lot of people in a short amount of time or for a temporary season.  We’re here to facilitate those times.  For candidates looking to get their foot in the door and see what the industry is all about, temp work can be a great way to learn about several different brands or different roles within the industry. Candidates who have qualified as Mantes (what we call our staffers) are the first to hear about both permanent and temporary positions and have access to additional Mantis Careers resources to enhance their career.


One of the core values of Mantis Careers is excellence and we know that comes with professionalization. For both hemp brands and candidates who want to build careers in hemp, we are a conduit for learning best practices for the employer/employee relationship.  As business, HR, and industry experts, we bring unique value to brands we work with because we know how to identify and fix common problems in businesses that cause high turnover, low satisfaction, and overall poor profit margins.  We also know how to find and spotlight great candidates and have developed the Mantis Training program to develop their potential.



"My favorite thing about working with Mantis Careers was how easy they made my job of hiring. The overall service was great and the guarantees and all the work they do behind the scenes can't be done in my 40 hour week."

Alison M. – Client

"I LOVE working [in cannabis]! They are regular people without all the drama. I’m treated like a human being and not like I’m expendable, everyone is so kind and friendly it feels better than family. As far as the recruiting process, everything was on point. I appreciate you and all your help."

Robin – Placed Candidate

“Working with the Mantis Careers team has been fantastic since day one. The efficiency, guarantees, and flexibility to work with my timelines made my life easier”

Recruiting Client

Thank you so much I appreciate the encouragement and amazing feedback on my journey to get a job in cannabis.

Shelly F. – Interested Candidate



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