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We Create Opportunities for Black Professionals in the Cannabis Industry.

Mantis Careers was born from a desire to improve the cannabis culture by helping great brands hire and keep the RIGHT people and by helping great people get and keep the RIGHT jobs. 

We knew precisely the massive gap we would tackle first.

Black people sacrificed their lives and freedoms to build the cannabis market we enjoy today. Still, they aren’t represented in its ownership or decision-making leadership.

When our founding team came together, we decided to create a massive culture shift within the cannabis industry by investing our skills and resources in Black professionals.

Why the name Mantis?

The day our CMO mentioned “beneficials” during a meeting, we realized we had landed on the branding that perfectly embodied our values, mission, and vision and embraced the industry we love.

We’re avid green thumbs who understand the role mantis’ play in sustainable gardening. Both graceful and vicious, praying mantis expertly ensure a consistently beneficial growing environment.

Our goal is to match the super-qualified Black professionals we invest in with inclusive, equitable, growing brands in the cannabis space to facilitate that shift from the inside out.  

Our recruiting methodology helps us focus on character matches while avoiding implicit biases, and brands love that we bring the absolute best candidates to the table every time.

At Mantis Careers, our values of Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Alignment, and Growth drive our mission of connecting Black executives with cannabis brands to influence company culture for growth.

We spend our time identifying, wooing, and preparing the best of the best professionals from every industry, then activate our magic to insert them in matching roles within the cannabis industry.

When we place people who have gone through our system of vetting, matching, and “curing,” brands experience the stability (then growth!) that comes with having a strong team of people who handle business at the top of their game every single day.

When people are happy, working in their expertise, and valued at their job, home lives improve, relationships improve, businesses improve, and over time, society improves.

We are not here to fill positions or put warm bodies into any open cannabis job.  We are here to help great brands get and keep the RIGHT people and to help great people get and keep jobs that enhance their career and value their “vicious”.

Connecting People for over 24 Years


Our Founders

Bridgett Hart

Bridgett Hart

Chief Executive Officer

Bridgett Hart has over 20 years of experience with cannabis and 26 years of experience leading teams from 10 to 250 people.  The teams she’s led have won awards, grants, and recognition and most continued on with great success after she left her mark on their operations.  Her success came mainly from the intentional understanding and effective application of the concept that the right people (with the right skills AND culture fit) make all the difference for businesses and that using their strengths (in the right position AND culture fit) makes all the difference for the humans that make those businesses up, from the CEO to the front-line staff.  Connecting those dots and creating harmony in the midst of the chaos of our current job market is where her magic always makes dollars and sense. 

She lives in Chandler, AZ with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.  Both her and her husband are certified MMJ patients and have been involved in the local Medical Cannabis community since 2011. She volunteers her time regularly to educate people about the medical benefits and warnings around THC and CBD products and she’s an active member of the local entrepreneur community.  She is currently developing The Hart Habits, a program that teaches 10 habits that help people build rapport and navigate the most difficult relationships with their sanity and integrity intact.


Adrian Trice

Adrian Trice

Chief Operations Officer

Owner Operator of DNA Financial Solutions and Chief Operations Officer of Mantis Careers, Adrian Trice is an advocate and support to women pursuing the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  She spent 13 years in proprietary education with a background in sales advisement, leadership and business consulting and development.  At the end of her corporate career she not only recognized but experienced the limitations facing Black executives in corporate America. After her third lay off, she found herself a divorced single mom of three sons, degreed in a field she didn’t work in and facing a stale job market with low wages. That’s when she started her own journey of entrepreneurship. With over 9 years of combined self-employment and business ownership, Adrian is extremely passionate about cannabis culture. She believes it is a viable economic solution that will remain recession proof during future market adjustments.

Krystal Poleon

Krystal Poleon

Chief Marketing Officer

Krystal Poleon is a music and sports addict, who is a Marketing Communications & Branding strategist, in that order. Owner of Brand Bright Design, a Phoenix, Arizona based marketing communications company, Krystal provides marketing and graphic design solutions to take business efforts to the next level. When businesses experience problems putting their vision into action steps, finding customers, connecting to their target demographic, and finding effective solutions to move forward, Krystal steps in and shines. 

In addition, Krystal is Co-Owner of Cannatainment Events, a cannabis friendly private events company established in 2016. The first of its kind, Cannatainment has introduced a unique style of private cannabis pop-up events focused on 1) highlighting the lifestyle behind the plant, and 2) bringing the community together to grow, educate, and celebrate all things cannabis. 4 years into their journey Cannatainment has made a name for themselves with their signature sold out events: Puff Puff Paint, Island Blaze, Baked & Escape, and Let’s Be Blunt.   

Outside of the office, Krystal loves to let her musical roots shine as a long time DJ, providing entertainment to festivals, nightclubs, and gatherings in Arizona, California, & Nevada for the past 17 years. 

Krystal’s passion and commitment to marketing communications and entertainment can be traced back to her personality.  Bottom line, Krystal loves getting people excited about the things that she is excited about. She loves to educate and inspire, is not afraid to take on a challenge, and take non-traditional approaches to provide solutions. 

In her spare time, you can find Krystal indulging in all things sports and music. Krystal lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her amazing wife, Stephanie, and their fur babies: Sasha the Stubborn Rottweiler, and cats Thomas, Missy, and Kitty Jenner. 



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